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Bekah Endersby

IET Power Academy case study

“The best thing about the work experience that was offered by National Grid was the fact that every year it was genuine work that National Grid needed to do.”

Bekah Endersby Intern / Scholar for the IET Power Academy

Name: Bekah Endersby

Organisation attended: National Grid

Job title: Intern/ Scholar for the IET Power Academy

Location: London

Duration: Summer (four months)

Bekah describes how she prepared for, and her experience of, her work placement in industry.

How/why did you apply and how did you prepare?

A few weeks before starting, I emailed my line manager for any specific information on the project and for any reading that needed to be done before the placement. This meant I had a slight idea of what I would be doing on a day to day basis before starting.

What did you do?

These projects included creating a testing procedure for new ways to provide frequency stability in the national grid. Alone, this would have been incredibly difficult but the support from the managers and team around me in each of the placements was exceptional and it ensured I came away each year with valuable experience and having achieved a goal.

What did you gain from the experience?

I have gained in engineering knowledge and business knowledge. I have also created a network of engineers across the business and across the power engineering sector – every summer all the Scholars on the Power Academy meet for a conference where we learn more about the industry but also create links which will be invaluable once we’re all working in the companies represented in the Power Academy and need to work together.

Top tips

The link with the IET has improved the quality of the work experience both by providing the conference and monitoring the companies.

In what ways has the experience had an impact on your career path/ambitions?

I plan to use the skills of organisation and planning in improve my university work and private life, as well as future work. I expect to take the knowledge of the different sectors of the business and use them in my new role. I will also be able to use people I have created a network with which means when I will have people to contact from many different areas of the business which is exceptionally useful as no area works alone.

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