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Bethany Hall

Case study

“Rolls-Royce gave me a lot of responsibility, including an intern-led project that I was able to project manage, and gave me a lot more insight into how to go about running and contributing to company projects, which was very rewarding.”

Bethany Hall Intern / IET Power Scholar

Name: Bethany Hall

Organisation attended: Rolls Royce

Job title: Intern/ IET Power Scholar

Location: Derby

Duration: 2 x 10 week work experiences

How/why did you apply and how did you prepare? 

The scholarship application was extensive yet simple to fill out, requiring my background and education information as well as touching on relevant competencies and engineering experience. When applying to the scholarship, I applied to three companies, two of which offered me interviews. I went on to accept an offer from my top choice, Rolls-Royce. 

What did you do?

During my first placement, I delivered on four projects running in parallel, by prioritizing tasks and maintaining regular meetings with internal clients. One of these projects was an intern project to deliver a standardised inter-departmental knowledge management strategy, where I was elected the project leader. In my second placement I carried out and presented a thorough competitor analysis to the Strategic Research Centre on the most recent developments in Hybrid Electric Aircraft, as well as a technology analysis of Superconducting Electrical Machines. My findings flagged up a significant patent infringement by the company’s biggest competitor, which the team went on to investigate. 

What did you gain from the experience?

It has not only given me insight into the industry, but insight into working in a professional environment. I was able to apply and developed important skills such as effective time management, presentation and communication skills and task prioritisation. I was also able to network and build relationships with individuals in the company, enabling me to learn more about the company, the industry and the career paths available.

As a result of my efforts, I have been offered a place on the Engineering & Technology Graduate Scheme. 

Top tips

I did not need to prepare anything specific before my placements. The work I carried out allowed me to apply some of the fundamental knowledge I had gained during my degree, however the majority of the understanding required for me to carry out my tasks was gained during my placements.

In what ways has the experience had an impact on your career path/ambitions?

I am able to apply professional skills gained through this work experience to my university projects, which I am sure has a positive effect on my achievements. Furthermore, I am much better prepared for starting my career, as I have a lot more insight into the opportunities available to me and the career path I want to take.

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