"I worked on offshore wind turbines"

Georgia Grace Apprentice Wind Turbine Technican

Name: Georgia Grace

Organisation attended: Siemens LID/ Lincs Grimsby

Job title: Apprentice Wind Turbine Technician

Location: Grimsby


How/why did you apply and how did you prepare?

During school I had fallen in love with woodwork and resistant materials lessons. I came to realise that I loved working with my hands as well as using my brain.

After finishing school, I decided that the purely academic route was not for me as I was using my brains more than my hands. I then applied for an apprenticeship while I was working in a shop. 

What did you do?

I went to college for a year to learn the theory behind the mechanics and electronics of wind turbines and then went to site to learn hands on. I worked on offshore wind turbines completing maintenance and troubleshooting. 

In what ways has the experience had an impact on your career path/ambitions?

I’m in the fourth year of my wind turbine technician apprenticeship and I’m completing my NVQ. At 30 I’d like to be a team leader at Siemens and be in charge of completing services with my maintenance team.

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