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Jammie Mitchell

Case study

“I have always loved bridges, buildings and seeing how things were put together. So I suppose there wasn’t really one moment when I knew, but as I found out about engineering and what a career in engineering involved, it intrigued me more and more.”

Jammie Mitchell STEM Sussex Ambassador

Name: Jammie Mitchell

Organisation attended: STEM Sussex

Job title: STEM Sussex Ambassador

Location: South East England

Duration: 2 days

How/why did you apply and how did you prepare?

I attended three student/parent STEM evenings which involved short, accessible careers talks from a few STEM Ambassadors. We then participated in a fun practical STEM challenge with students, parents and STEM Ambassadors working together. 

What did you do?

There were a number of different workshops run by STEM ambassadors across the STEM subjects. 

What did you gain from the experience?

Because I could ask Ambassadors about engineering, they gave me much more insight than a teacher could have given. I found it fascinating, interesting and totally inspiring. 

In what ways has the experience had an impact on your career path/ambitions?

I am studying to be an engineer as a direct result of people my own age giving up a few hours of their time. It is evidence of the influence of first-hand career and course experiences, and of course, the power of talking to people already involved in STEM careers.

Joseph Baker

Joseph Baker

"I have always loved bridges, building and seeing how things were put together... "
Steven Bridge

Steven Bridge

"The experience helped me determine which area of engineering I wished to pursue..."

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