Sellafield - Nuclear Design Engineer Work Experience

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“Get involved, work hard and ask questions. This is your chance to gain valuable new skills and experience that will help you in your career, whatever you decide to do next."

John O'Brien Head of Engineering Design

Organisation: Sellafield Ltd.

Location: Warrington

Scheme title: Young Nuclear Design Engineer

Duration: One week

Age groups involved: 16+

Introduction to the company 

Sellafield Ltd. is a global centre for nuclear engineering management. We pioneered the harnessing of nuclear power to generate electricity for the country.

How does the scheme work?

In the one week scheme, students will complete four modules within Nuclear Engineering design. Students will also meet Apprentices and Graduates for an afternoon.

The modules students will complete include:

  • Process Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil and Structural Engineering
  • Control, Electrical and Instrumentation Engineering.

How do you collaborate with universities or schools?

We have worked with local schools and higher education institutions on other work experience projects. For this, however, we accept applications.

How do students benefit?

Students will:

  • Improve and learn new skills
  • Identify new leaders of talents
  • Understand the significance and complexities of working in the Nuclear Industry, as well as learning to adapt to a new working environment
  • Increase your potential for employability in the future
  • Increase your awareness of different career routes and options within engineering

How does the organisation benefit?

Not only does it put staff out of their comfort zone, interacting and teaching students which is good for their confidence, it allows the organisation to get an insight into future talent.


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